Open Mic

There is always something to do or somewhere to be. It’s hard to find alone time or even a few minutes to relax and take a breath. Whenever I get the opportunity to get some “free time” I definitely try to take advantage of it. A few semesters ago I was able to take a class for fun, a ceramics class, I always enjoyed building things and making things with my hands and so this was the perfect opportunity for me. I got to make a few interesting pieces and was able to bring some home with me. They are definitely conversation starters.

photo (1)


One thought on “Open Mic

  1. Excellent! I love the photo of the piece you’ve posted here. I’d be interested to see more of your art.
    I took a ceramics class in the fall, partly inspired by my students who were posting photos of their art as part of this assignment. It is truly a reliever of stress but also an avenue for creative expression that I had not imagined could be available to me, a writer.
    Thanks for your post.


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