“How do you get people addicted to crack? You give it away for free, you give away a little taste, and, and then, some people can’t stop themselves” Jimmy Valmer


This week we will focus on three main concepts:

  • Persuasion: Enriching your understanding of the role that the media has in culture.
  • Video games: Hold an important role in shaping cultural and societal changes.
  • Cartoons: With a comical appeal to society, they aid in the discussion of cultural problems, politics, and other controversial issues.

In South Park episode, “Freemium Isn’t Free” Canada creates a phone app that preys on the addiction of the weak, to help make money to build Canada and make money off of addicts. The Canadian VP of Apps and Prince of Canada come up with 5 simple rules for a sure way to make money:

  1. entice the player
  2. Compliments and flashing lights and sounds to make the player feel good
  3. Train them to spend their fake currency
  4. Do the switch-a-roo spend real money on fake currency
  5. Make the game about waiting

When Randy discovers Stan has an addiction, he intervenes. And Stan tries to find a way to stop. He begins by creating a viral media uproar, letting people know that Canadians are taking advantage of people with addiction problems.

“Okay it’s Done” Cartman

“What’s done?” Stan

“ The word is out. Terrance and Phillip hire pushers, to make money off addicts. I tweeted it; it’s trending” Cartman

With games such as Clash of Clans, candy crush, Lineup. We definitely have persuasion following us on a daily basis. We get hooked on games especially after a long day of work or school. Games seem to entice us and relax us at the same time. Games are also persuasive and enticing. They are definitely cultural aspects in the modern day. It’s a way to be competitive with your co workers and also a way to relate to others. We definitely follow what others are doing, and don’t want to feel left out, it’s a way of acceptance. Cartoons link to this because they are a way to bring up issues that are generally avoided by the public. Cartoons break the tension on tricky subjects.


“Yeah and the most unbelievable part. It’s totally FREE! You should download it to your phone right now, I mean, come on, if it’s free why wouldn’t you?!” Jimmy Valmer


Open Mic

There is always something to do or somewhere to be. It’s hard to find alone time or even a few minutes to relax and take a breath. Whenever I get the opportunity to get some “free time” I definitely try to take advantage of it. A few semesters ago I was able to take a class for fun, a ceramics class, I always enjoyed building things and making things with my hands and so this was the perfect opportunity for me. I got to make a few interesting pieces and was able to bring some home with me. They are definitely conversation starters.

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