Reality Horror

Ahhh the magic of reality shows… seriously it’s all an incredible act. I truly believe that there is no-to-little truth in REALity television shows. It’s incredible to believe how television networks such as TLC have changed their original perspectives in the name of profit. As Charles B. Slocum states in his article, “the economics are too attractive to ignore. Reality makes for cheap TV.”


There is no doubt that TLC’s network:”19 Kids and Counting,” “Long Island Medium,” and “Breaking Amish” have experienced a downward spiral. Most of these types of shows are offensive, ridiculous, and over exaggerated they are simply designed for mindless watching. To have individuals ridicule the lives of other in order to feel better about their own.  It is incredibly ironic that TLC is the host network for these ridiculous reality shows when they used to stand as an educational network that. As Kristen Acuna states in her article, “[TLC] started branching out its content for a more mainstream audience.”

article-2218551-1587F66C000005DC-334_634x442kate hashimoto extreme cheapskates tlc

TLC’s motto is “extraordinary people and relatable life moments” fall short from the truth. The show that I have watched previously has been, “Extreme Cheapskates.” This show is honestly depressing. I remember watching an episode where a woman around her 20’s was pregnant, she would dumpster dive for prenatal vitamins. Another where a woman would refrain from showering to save water, refuse from flushing to save money…I couldn’t finish watching when I saw her dumpster diving in restaurant trashcans for dinner…saving lettuce, eating expired foods for her dinner guests! These people aren’t doing this out of necessity! Can’t believe it I guess extraordinary people is an accurate representation of the networks show.




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