“Blackfish” is an amazing documentary that focuses on freedom for killer whales. This documentary definitely does a great job of pulling at the heart strings while presenting a powerful case against the captivity of killer whales. Killer whales or orcas are recognized as one of the most loving, intelligent, and playful animals of the sea. This documentary is centered around the popular orcas and the “dangerous and deadly attacks” that they have now been recognized for. This movie brings light to the malpractice of SeaWorld, not only to the individuals that worked there but also the orcas that live there. The company definitely decided to withhold information from their trainers and put their lives at risk and also commonly practiced confinement, solitude, and separation of the orcas. To this day I still cannot understand how the continuous breeding of a known aggressive animal could be practiced in the name of profit, to think how many incidents could have been avoided is unbelievable. As stated in the film by a former SeaWorld trainer, all these animals are emotionally and psychologically destroyed animals at this point, as stated by SeaWorld trainers, “ [animals] aren’t forces to perform tricks, the animals really really want to!” Unfortunately it all boils down to a company using their wealth to increase their profit margin while neglecting and abusing the rights and safety of others. It’s a rovolving system of never-ending oppression…



3 thoughts on “Blackfish

  1. Yes, this movie certainly does make people aware of Sea World’s practices. It’s a good documentary choice for looking deeply at the honesty, independence and productivity of such a project.


  2. Its like a super shady underworld. Why is there not an a animal rights agency that can do anything? I saw this and had no idea the level of abuse and endangering human lives. I took my daughter to Sea World a few months after I watched (I know, that doesn’t make sense, the tickets were bought and the trip planned) but we were able to see the park for what it really was.

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    • You don’t have to apologize for taking your daughter to Sea World. It’s magical for children to see the creatures of the sea — and fall in love with them! Now, though, thanks to your new level of awareness, you can educate your daughter when the time is right. Cultural literacy like this is contagious.


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