Something about the news makes me Chuckle

I have to admit that when the time permits I much rather watch “Fake” news instead of “real” news. At the end of the day this “fake” news is more challenging, rewarding, and honest than the big media channels that are constantly watched and moderated. I enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman.  I think that parody news has a major effect on the political system and will continue to hold a significant hold for years to come. As Sotos goes on to state in her article “Fake News as a Fifth Estate”, “It’s a lot easier to run a government with a separation of powers when nobody’s checking the powers” this is what they are considering the 4th estate as failing.

This week’s video on The Colbert Report’s “Fallback Position – Migrant Workers” perfectly puts into perspective what Rachel Sotos states in her article, “Fake News as a Fifth Estate” Sotos states that, “fake news serves an institutional function, not by filling gaps, but by serving as a ‘constitutional check’ on the mainstream press.” This “constitutional check” that she specks about is a much needed aspect in our society. These satire comics are actually here to educate us, many of them actually care about us and want to make sure that we are aware of what is going on around us. I often find that I learn much more from watching satire than reading the newspaper or watching the local news.

I do believe that part of the great power that is held by parody news is the “Blame game” that it holds over our government system and Politician’s. If someone is looking for community awareness and recognition, in a positive way, they want to ensure that they are going the right thing before they get unwanted and publicized attention from the media.


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