Video Games

I normally don’t play video games. I find that with a job, school, and a fully energized doberman pup video games can easily take up too much of the little bit time that I have. I don’t consider myself much of a gamer now, even though my fiancé would disagree. I don’t own a gaming system but I do own an iPad. I occasionally download an app and play for 20mins or so,but the one game I am currently addicted to at this time is Clash of Clans. Now I know that a game is just a game…that I shouldn’t take an attack personally BUT vengeance is on my daily agenda
when it comes to this game. Liam pretty much sums up how I feel in this video.

Even though I don’t consider myself a gamer, I do remember the distinc beeps, boops, pops that would resound in the background of video games after passing a new level. I remember staying up at night and playing video games with friends, specifically Mario and mortal combat. I feel that people play video games because their fun, give people a break from reality, and because they make you feel like a kid again.

As stated in Christopher Beam’s article Death from Above, there is a problem with video games and certain individuals. “While improvements in technology make video-game violence ever more realistic—and desensitizing.” Some people unfortunately believe that a video game IS real life. They go around believe that there are no real consequences for certain behaviors. It has become news in the past where individuals act out scenes from video games injury innocent people. I think that we should make sure that individuals understand the difference between real life consequences and virtual ones.


One thought on “Video Games

  1. I want to play Clash of Clans now, it sounds fun, I need vengeance in my life! Do you remember when Mortal Combat first came out and there was a big campaign about how it was too bloody so they made it so only adults couldn’t buy it and they made a version with no blood? Your post reminded me of that. Good times!


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