Reality Horror

Ahhh the magic of reality shows… seriously it’s all an incredible act. I truly believe that there is no-to-little truth in REALity television shows. It’s incredible to believe how television networks such as TLC have changed their original perspectives in the name of profit. As Charles B. Slocum states in his article, “the economics are too attractive to ignore. Reality makes for cheap TV.”


There is no doubt that TLC’s network:”19 Kids and Counting,” “Long Island Medium,” and “Breaking Amish” have experienced a downward spiral. Most of these types of shows are offensive, ridiculous, and over exaggerated they are simply designed for mindless watching. To have individuals ridicule the lives of other in order to feel better about their own.  It is incredibly ironic that TLC is the host network for these ridiculous reality shows when they used to stand as an educational network that. As Kristen Acuna states in her article, “[TLC] started branching out its content for a more mainstream audience.”

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TLC’s motto is “extraordinary people and relatable life moments” fall short from the truth. The show that I have watched previously has been, “Extreme Cheapskates.” This show is honestly depressing. I remember watching an episode where a woman around her 20’s was pregnant, she would dumpster dive for prenatal vitamins. Another where a woman would refrain from showering to save water, refuse from flushing to save money…I couldn’t finish watching when I saw her dumpster diving in restaurant trashcans for dinner…saving lettuce, eating expired foods for her dinner guests! These people aren’t doing this out of necessity! Can’t believe it I guess extraordinary people is an accurate representation of the networks show.






“Blackfish” is an amazing documentary that focuses on freedom for killer whales. This documentary definitely does a great job of pulling at the heart strings while presenting a powerful case against the captivity of killer whales. Killer whales or orcas are recognized as one of the most loving, intelligent, and playful animals of the sea. This documentary is centered around the popular orcas and the “dangerous and deadly attacks” that they have now been recognized for. This movie brings light to the malpractice of SeaWorld, not only to the individuals that worked there but also the orcas that live there. The company definitely decided to withhold information from their trainers and put their lives at risk and also commonly practiced confinement, solitude, and separation of the orcas. To this day I still cannot understand how the continuous breeding of a known aggressive animal could be practiced in the name of profit, to think how many incidents could have been avoided is unbelievable. As stated in the film by a former SeaWorld trainer, all these animals are emotionally and psychologically destroyed animals at this point, as stated by SeaWorld trainers, “ [animals] aren’t forces to perform tricks, the animals really really want to!” Unfortunately it all boils down to a company using their wealth to increase their profit margin while neglecting and abusing the rights and safety of others. It’s a rovolving system of never-ending oppression…


Something about the news makes me Chuckle

I have to admit that when the time permits I much rather watch “Fake” news instead of “real” news. At the end of the day this “fake” news is more challenging, rewarding, and honest than the big media channels that are constantly watched and moderated. I enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman.  I think that parody news has a major effect on the political system and will continue to hold a significant hold for years to come. As Sotos goes on to state in her article “Fake News as a Fifth Estate”, “It’s a lot easier to run a government with a separation of powers when nobody’s checking the powers” this is what they are considering the 4th estate as failing.

This week’s video on The Colbert Report’s “Fallback Position – Migrant Workers” perfectly puts into perspective what Rachel Sotos states in her article, “Fake News as a Fifth Estate” Sotos states that, “fake news serves an institutional function, not by filling gaps, but by serving as a ‘constitutional check’ on the mainstream press.” This “constitutional check” that she specks about is a much needed aspect in our society. These satire comics are actually here to educate us, many of them actually care about us and want to make sure that we are aware of what is going on around us. I often find that I learn much more from watching satire than reading the newspaper or watching the local news.

I do believe that part of the great power that is held by parody news is the “Blame game” that it holds over our government system and Politician’s. If someone is looking for community awareness and recognition, in a positive way, they want to ensure that they are going the right thing before they get unwanted and publicized attention from the media.

Video Games

I normally don’t play video games. I find that with a job, school, and a fully energized doberman pup video games can easily take up too much of the little bit time that I have. I don’t consider myself much of a gamer now, even though my fiancé would disagree. I don’t own a gaming system but I do own an iPad. I occasionally download an app and play for 20mins or so,but the one game I am currently addicted to at this time is Clash of Clans. Now I know that a game is just a game…that I shouldn’t take an attack personally BUT vengeance is on my daily agenda
when it comes to this game. Liam pretty much sums up how I feel in this video.

Even though I don’t consider myself a gamer, I do remember the distinc beeps, boops, pops that would resound in the background of video games after passing a new level. I remember staying up at night and playing video games with friends, specifically Mario and mortal combat. I feel that people play video games because their fun, give people a break from reality, and because they make you feel like a kid again.

As stated in Christopher Beam’s article Death from Above, there is a problem with video games and certain individuals. “While improvements in technology make video-game violence ever more realistic—and desensitizing.” Some people unfortunately believe that a video game IS real life. They go around believe that there are no real consequences for certain behaviors. It has become news in the past where individuals act out scenes from video games injury innocent people. I think that we should make sure that individuals understand the difference between real life consequences and virtual ones.