Pirate Radio Extra Credit


Pirate Radio is a comic movie that takes place in the middle off the coast of Britain. Pirate radio is an illegal and unregulated radio transmission that took place around 1966, which is stated in the movie as the Greatest era for British Rock and Roll; the ear of The Beatles, The Stones and The Who among many more. The idea of popular culture and government intervention really came to life to me in this movie.
In this movie it is stated that the government would only allow for rock and roll to be played for less than an hour a day, the government would refer to the DJ’s of Pirate Radio and its listeners as drug takers, law breakers, and bottom bashing fornicators, even though Pirate Radio wasn’t breaking any laws the government was adamant about finding a way to close them down. As stated in “This American Life’s 100th Podcast” Radio has been able to bring audiences together through music and content discussed. However, I feel that radio stations have lost the freedom to speak freely. Times have changed very little and we are monitored and regulated on what we can say on air and even what we can play. Because of this I still believe that the future of radio does not look too bright, If people aren’t getting the music and content that they want from radio, they will start looking for it in other places.
Pirate Radio even tried to keep the government happy by watching what they shared on the air, this reminds me to what Ira Glass stated in “This American Life’s 100th podcast”, “the false intimacy of radio, that feeling that we get together every week, you and me. I mean, literally, that’s what it feels like. It feels like you and me. You and me, even though we don’t know each other at all.” This very sense of intimacy is what we are missing now. There is a divide in radio where language and content is regulated, where the only thing that is heard is what is allowed.


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