Act one — the story of radio as gleaned from the podcast.

This American Life’s 100th podcast displayed the individuality of radio. With radio the audience gets to experience a unique connection the presenter. As stated with Ira Glass, “the false intimacy of radio, that feeling that we get together every week, you and me. I mean, literally, that’s what it feels like. It feels like you and me. You and me, even though we don’t know each other at all.”


I think that there is definitely something positive to be said about radio. Having the freedom to listen to someone speak about issues that directly affect you and hear different perspectives, even call in to make your opinion known, this is what radio should be. However times have changed and we are monitored and regulated on what we can say on air and even what we can play. As stated in the, This American Life’s 100th anniversary podcast radio has definitely experienced changes throughout the years but it has brought people together for years. Radio has been able to bring audiences together through music and content discussed.

Act two — the story of radio in your own life and experience.

Growing up as a first generation Mexican American it was difficult to find a “niche” where I could feel comfortable. It wasn’t only about finding a niche but also being able to find one where both the music and the people were able to relate to my culture and life experiences. I was fortunate enough to find this niche in radio. Growing up in Los Angeles there were a lot of individuals that were living through the same struggles and difficulties as I was. I was able to find a comic side to my experiences and I was able to relate to profound lyrics and understand alternative perspectives.


As I was growing up I listened to the radio every day I remember I would wake up in the morning and listen to the morning line up. I would feel inspired and motivated, honestly sometimes like a rebel with a cause. The music that I would listen to would consist of a large combination of music but I find that I largely relate to the 90’s rap and Hip-Hop genres. I could relate to being commonly misunderstood and disrespected as many of the lyrics stated. I do feel like radio has changed across the years. I felt like the music played before stood up for something and now it seems like everything, even commentary is regulated to an extreme. I remember that it wasn’t uncommon to hear arguments and disagreements on radio about current events and perspectives. Now I feel like I could flip through 6 radio stations and hear the same 3 or 4 songs playing over and over, like a broken record. I can attest that this week’s line up consists of: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronsin, “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, and “Sugar” Maroon 5. (-_-) I miss the days where music was based on current events that impacted lives.

Act three — the future of radio in society, as you see it.

I unfortunately do not see such a bright future in the radio industry. As stated in the New York Times article, the radio listening audience in many areas increased drastically in the time after hurricane Sandy, but this is largely due to the fact that in many areas, power was out for days, which in turn limited access to televisions and computers; in other words radio was the last resort for information for many individuals. Even Pandora, as popular as it is having hardships and proves this. Pandora have lacked profit, as stated in the Forbes article, “Pandora, in fact, has never been profitable, with more than $105 million in losses over the five fiscal years ending January of 2012,”



3 thoughts on “Radio

  1. Radio was a big part in my life growing up too. I think that as first generation Mexican American individuals, we like knowing that our feelings and sentiments resonate with different people. I also do not think radio has a bright future, but I think it has to do more with how we view radio. I think every day we are inventing different forms of radio (as seen by Pandora and podcasts) so I don’t think they will necessarily vanish. Just like a lot of things in our society, we see new forms of them pop up and at times, we also see people hold dearly to things they know. I think radio will be one of those things.


  2. It is because of events like hurricane Sandy and Katrina and the attacks on 9/11, when t.v. access may be limited is why I feel radio will have a place in our society. But i do agree with you I feel that music has taken a turn in the wrong direction. You use to hear artist sing/rap about real life struggles but today its all about the flashy life that most of us want but will never attain.


  3. I think that it is interesting how you incorporated the Podcast with the text that we read. I liked all of your memes. “Lets stop the music to tell you about our non-stop music.” That is exactly why it is difficult for me to listen to the radio. And your last meme with the raccoon “We’ll play our commercials all at the same time.” I think that your post was very insightful and some music has taken a turn on the wrong direction and it obvious when most of the radio stations play the same horrible songs over and over. Overall, great post!


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