This week’s reading, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Deidre Pike there were some interesting questions about popular music and the necessary means to become success in the American music industry that were brought up. In this reading there are three main questions that were asked in regards to popular media, are: is the media honest, independent, and productive?


I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. My mother is from Mexico, and yes she crossed the Mexican border illegally. This is why I chose Molotov as my artist for this week’s assignment. Molotov is a controversial Mexican music band that formed during the early 1990’s. Motolov is very often considered a source of controversy, their music focuses on issues such as racism, immigration, and marginalization in the U.S. Boarder. Motolov is a band that I can relate to, I can relate to their lyrics because of the struggles that my family and I went through they are able to vocalize our experiences in a very effective matter. The band has had some struggles with the use of their vocabulary. As shown in the video below, there has been uproar by some of the community because of some of their songs. Just like many other artists, I appreciate much of their work but do’nt necessary agree with all of it.

In reguards to their music, Motolav is definitely an honest band. Motolav is straight forward and they don’t try to hide the real issues that we face in society. For this very reason they are constantly getting in trouble, but they stand proud and true to the meanings in their lyrics. Motolav dives into the center of an issue, just like one of their more popular songs states Gimme tha Power, “Hay que arrancar el problema de raíz y cambiar el gobierno de nuestro país” this roughly translate to, “We have to tear out the problem by the roots and change the government of our country.” No sugar coating necessary. This also leads to the band being independent. I remember hearing them on the news and stating that they had to sell their music themselves for some time since some stores refused to sell their controversial covers or songs in store. It seems like someone always has a problem with the band but none the less they have a loyal following.

Motolav is a very productive band. The public is always looking for someone to voice their concerns and stand up for what is right, and Motolav does just that. They are definitely not like other artist who speak about love, just like stated from another one of their songs, Frijolero, “Now I wish I had a dime for every single time I’ve gotten stared down for being in the wrong side of town and a rich man I’d be.” Their truth has allowed them to get a lot of support from people all around the world.



One thought on “Motolov

  1. Thank you for this! I had not heard of ’em but I’m going to give Molotov a listen. A hearty yeah to “Hay que arrancar el problema de raíz y cambiar el gobierno de nuestro país.”


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