Blog 1: Popular Culture

When you think of popular culture you think about the newest trend, celebrity, electronic, and fashion. We see these trends through a variety of social media outputs such as: Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Etsy. Think about your middle school years when everyone was raving about the sidekick and razor phones. Compare that to the latest and greatest iPhone trend now. In John Stoney’s article, “What is Popular Culture”, we are given various definitions that all apply to the multiple patterns of popular culture that we see from day to day.

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What generatios definition of ideology; that some cultural writings and practices present an unrealistic sense of reality. This false sense of reality works in return keeps the lesser group, these fad followers, blind to the true reality. We live and practice this ideology on a daily basis, we practice this popular culture in a religious matter.


The internet has become an incredible progression throughout the years. With the power of the internet, an incredible amount of media can break through and become viral with just a click of a button. Memes and vines can erupt from one day to another just to entertain us all. Just like Storey mentions, this leads to a fourth definition of pop culture, “popular culture is the culture which originates from ‘the people’. It takes issue with any approach which suggests that popular culture is something imposed on ‘the people’ from above. Popular culture… should only be used to indicate an ‘authentic’ culture of ‘the people’” (10). In truth we all participate in the cultivation of popular culture. This is something that cannot be avoided or ignored. The newest fads in memes and vines follow us to school, work, and home. I have to admit that every now and then I go on to YouTube and look for a compilation of the newest vines, or Facebook to look over memes to relax and laugh a little.



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